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Ocean Lily



We are  happy  to have created an arrangement for string quartet and our band with the stuff from our Polaris recordings.We going to play this arrangement on March 16 with the Duisburg Philharmonic String Quartett at the opening of the festival ‚Akzente‘ in Duisburg at the Liebfrauen church.
Then we will start our England tour to play at The Pheasantry in Chelsea, London  on 19th March 2019, at Pushkin House Bloomsbury London on 20th March 2019 and on 24th March at the St-Peter’s Church, Northampton.More dates at Oxford will follow.
We are proud to present our new videos ‚Treibjagd ‚and ‚Membran Music‘, realized by Mario Simon.
For this children radio play from WDR Köln, according to a story by Max Urlacher, we have composed the music, produced and recorded, with a lot of theremin music!
Jazz Journal u.k. record review

Anthony, a listener of our recordings Polaris wrote:
Love About Aphrodite their music seems like the hum and cry of the universe all around us.