About Aphrodite About Aphrodite About Aphrodite About Aphrodite About Aphrodite

Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning

About Aphrodite  
Gilda Razani theremin / saxophone/ live electronic   Hans Wanning  piano / synthesizer/ live electronic

The works of the german based duo range from concerts (Membran Music), film music scores  and audio visual installations (The Projection) to techno live sets ( Treibjagd).

Handmade Dance and Groove Liveset
Analog sounds,  hypnotic drones and melodies are driven through the great symphony of the world by thrilling deep technoid rhythms  and the sky is deep, dark, heavy and sweet!

 Membran Music
From neoromanticism to noise, from acoustic piano to distorted theremin sound, from Razani to Zawinul!
With hypnotic melodies and improvisations , gentle athmospheres  and cineastic soundscapes About Aphrodite go on a euphoric and energetic sound journey, inspired by the great symphony of the world and the sky is deep, dark, heavy and sweet!

2014  Ocean Lily and 2015  Faktor X released  at  Aztek Electronic Music/Australia
2018 Polaris released at Floating World Records/ London.

Fusionfestival (DE), Les Digitales (CH), Spirit of the Woodstockfestival (IT), Jazz Province ( RU), Skandaloes Festival (DE), Klangtherapie Festival (DE), Tropen Tango Festival (DE) , Wurzelfestival (DE).

The Projection
This audiovisual act is the extended version of About Aphrodite. Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning  perform together with  Mario Simon and Jan Voges, both media artists in residence at the theatre Dortmund.

Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning are working for German television.
since  2015  they have composed and produced numerous film scores for the WDR (West German Broadcasting, Cologne)
1. #weltuntergang: Der Sommer, der ins Wasser fiel  2.#jesuischarlie:Ein Hashtag und die Folgen  3.#fluechtlinge- was sind wir für ein Land  4.#germanwings- die Katastrophe. Rückblick und Gedenken  5.#land_unter-Der Unwetter-Sommer 2016 6.#monsterstau -Stillstand ist unser Leben!  7..#koelnhbf  8.schrecklichschön: weihnachten 9.schrecklichschön: geschenke, geschenke
9. Die schönsten Mausmomente

2016  DFJP  Award (German French Journalism Prize) for ‚#‎jesuischarlie‬: Ein Hashtag und die Folgen‘, directed by Christian Dassel and Clemens Gersch.