Gilda Razani      theremin /  soma pipe electronic wind instrument / soprano saxophone   Hans Wanning  piano  / synthesizer/ electronics    Jaime Moraga Vasquez   drums/ percussion/ voice

The musicians with Gilda on her theremin, her effects and the electronic wind instrument Soma Pipe play the terrific combination of jazz/rock, dance and electronica with devotion.
With cineastic soundscapes, hypnotic drones,  gentle athmospheres and thrilling beats , About Aphrodite go on a euphoric and energetic sound journey, inspired by the great symphony of the world and the sky is deep, dark, heavy and sweet! 

Over four studio recordings, the album Ocean Lily 2014 and Factor X 2015 coming out by Atzek Electronic Music Melbourne Australia and Polaris and Future Memories, released 2018  and 2020 by Floating World Records London/UK , each album has seen the band expand or explore new expressive ways.

… an album as brilliant as the stars in the sky, Membran Music takes ‘Polaris‘ as its theme.  The instrumental cosmos, with Theremin, piano, soprano saxophone and live electronics moves from classical music to progressive jazz, but at the same time always retaining its dark colouring.  It is unique in the same way as ABOUT APHRODITE! (13/15)
What Hans and Gilda achieve in this album can only be called an immersive audio experience. Out of melancholy undertones springs music full of tonal fantasy and lyrical depth, and behind the duo’s conscious and animated musical freedom lies a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience”

… convinces with great composition and sound, one of the most fascinating duos of recent years.  It is hard to escape the hypnotic charm of the music, which is both structured and complex.  Highly recommended! (18/20)

Festivals and Tours
They performed at many festivals arround the world among other things at the Leverkusener Jazzdays Germany, Jazzkaarfestival Estonia, Juicy beats Germany, Jazz Province Festival Russia, Afterhills Festival Romania, Spirit of the Woodstockfestival Italia, Fusionfestival Germany, Les Digitales Suisse, Skandaloes Festival Germany, Klangtherapie Festival Germany, Tropen Tango Festival Germany. Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival Germany,

Compositions and Productions
Gilda and Hans are composer and producer.
All recordings with her bands Sub,vison and About Aphrodite are their own compositions and productions including
* Duo live, Munichrecords 2002
* Bazaar, Traumtonrecords 2005
* Remembrance, Timelinerecords 2009
* Nashira, ESC Records 2012
* Ocean Lily, Aztek Electronic Music 2014
* Factor X, Aztek Electronic Music 2015
* Polaris, Floating World Records 2018
* Future Memories, Floating World Records 2020

Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning are working for German television.
Since 2015 they have composed and produced numerous film scores and radioplays for the WDR (West German Broadcasting, Cologne)
* #weltuntergang: Der Sommer, der ins Wasser fiel , 2015
* #jesuischarlie: Ein Hashtag und die Folgen , 2015
* #fluechtlinge – was sind wir für ein Land , 2016
* #germanwings – die Katastrophe. Rückblick und Gedenken , 2016
* #land_unter-Der Unwetter-Sommer 2016
* #monsterstau – Stillstand ist unser Leben! 2016
* #koelnhbf , 2016
* schrecklichschön: weihnachten, 2016
* schrecklichschön: geschenke, geschenke ,2016
* Die schönsten Mausmomente , 2017
* Die Wunde meiner Stadt – Asli, Duisburg und die Loveparade, 2018
* #jahrhundertsommer – Sonne satt und Schattenseiten, 2018
*#KlimaAlarm: Sind wir noch zu retten?, 2021

*  Mit Volldampf durch die Wüste, WDR Kiraka, 2018, nominated for the german radioplayprice 2018
* Anne und die Bankräuber, WDR Kiraka 2019
* Der Weihnachtsmann – Auflauf, WDR Kiraka 2020
* Marie Ka Ih – Schluß mit Gurkensalat, WDR Kiraka 2022


Datum Stadt Location Land
14/04/23 Gelsenkirchen Nordsternturm DE
Zeit: 19:30 . Buy Tickets
25/03/23 Bochum Kunstmuseum DE
Zeit: 19:30 . Lions – Kulturfrühling
04/03/23 Dortmund Amtshaus Mengede DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information
10/02/23 Kiel Medusa DE
Zeit: 20:00 .
09/02/23 Hamburg MS Stubnitz DE
Zeit: 19:30 .
15/10/22 Bochum Kulturrat DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information
09/09/22 Gelsenkirchen Werkstatt DE
Zeit: 20:00 . special guest Christian Hammer More information
02/09/22 Essen Südrock Nachtkneipe DE
Zeit: 20:00 . special guest Christian Hammer More information
02/07/22 Duisburg Kreativküche DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information
24/06/22 Bochum Kulturrat DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information
29/04/22 Dortmund Domicil DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information
26/03/22 Dortmund Zeche Zollern DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information
17/03/22 Oberhausen Gdanska DE
Zeit: 20:00 . More information

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