With cineastic soundscapes, hypnotic drones, gentle athmospheres and thrilling beats , About Aphrodite go on a euphoric and energetic sound journey, inspired by the great symphony of the world and the sky is deep, dark, heavy and sweet!


Gilda Razani

theremin /  soma pipe electronic wind instrument / saxophone/ aerophone

Gilda is one of the few professional theremin players. She loves to play classical but also likes it very rocky.
The rocky playing on the theremin makes Gilda with her electronic effects. She generates E-Guitar like sounds  after her role model Jimi Hendrix.
Some special highlight for her were that she had the honor of performing with her theremin  on the grammy nominated album Fifty by Manhattan Transfer with the Funkhaus Orchestra Cologne on the track Twilight Zone/ Twilight Tone. It was arranged by Vince Mendoza.
Gilda has a master’s degree in Saxophone.

Hanzō Wanning

piano  / synthesizers/ electronics

Hanzō Wanning has a master’s degree in Jazzpiano and Classical Composition Hilversum/NL.
He likes to improvise, to compose, to produce a wide stylistic range of modern music, using his piano, many synths and electronic devices in a very personal way.